3 Musketeers and 20 Greenbacks

I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea to give money as a gift.  After all, if you can’t give a tropical vacation, what else do people really want anyway?

A gift of moolah doesn’t have to be impersonal.  It’s all about presentation when it comes to personalizing a gift of green.  Dressing up  some cash will ensure the person who gets it will know you care enough to have thought their gift through.

I found this idea on a blog called simplyjstudio@blogspot.com when I was browsing through Pinterest for gift ideas.  I made it my own by wandering through the craft store to find unique items I could use.

This gift is especially good for a man or boy.  Aren’t men and boys awful to shop for?  I think this one’s a winner and it not only allows you to bestow a little jing-a-ling upon them, but uses food as well, which is always a welcome thing in the man department.

First, you take six Three Musketeers bars, stack them up, and secure them with a little invisible tape like so.


Cut a wide strip of blue scrap book paper and a slightly smaller strip of red paper.  Affix them around the candy bars with more tape.



Stick your wad of dough between the two strips of paper, leaving it hanging out a bit.  Hmm, that sentence sounded a little questionable-pardon me.


Tie some matching ribbon around the bars and the paper.  I love this ribbon I found at TJ MaXX of all places.


I found these adorable vintage type labels at the craft store.


I used these along with a pre-cut gift tag and some retro type writer keys to make this cute tag.


I tied it onto the gift using some twine.


Isn’t that just cute?


Don’t worry if you can’t find the labels or the type writer keys.  I went into the store not really in search of a particular thing and just happened to find those.  There are a hundred other options you could use to make this gift special for the person it’s for.

You could try a different color scheme using any candy bar you can think of.  The possibilities are endless.  Best of all, this takes about ten minutes to make and can be adorned with a few bucks or a big pile of clams, depending on your budget.  It would be a cute gift for your child to take to a birthday party or to give as a Father’s day treat.



  1. These are such a great idea. I too saw the other gals idea on Pinterest and then found your blog! So I found goodies in my scrapbook box and made mine for a twin birthday coming up. Thanks to you! Wish I could post a pic 😉

    • Hi, Crystal. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment. I think you could make these with all kinds of candy bars and different things, don’t you? I bet your gift was well received!

  2. Cute idea!

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