A Dozen Sweet Reasons

I always have really big lofty ideas for holiday treats, but I am so short on time that many of them never bud into actual creations.  In fact, this year I was going to do a whole Chinese New Year tablescape and menu as well as a Superbowl spread.   You don’t see these posts because the kids got sick, the house was a mess, and you know, life got in the way.  There is always next year I suppose.

Despite any lack of time, I just couldn’t let Valentine’s day pass by without giving Chad a little something to remind him of my endless love and affection.  I don’t say this in jest, my love for him is endless and next to my children, the most meaningful thing in my life.

When I was browsing through the stores at Christmastime, I found these darling little mini cupcake sleeves on a clearance rack and I knew they had the potential to be turned into something  extraordinarily sweet.


They served as the starting point for this lovely gift, suited to let someone know specifically, in twelve distinct ways, how much you cherish them.

First, think up twelve reasons you love this person.  Picture them in your mind’s eye.  What is it about them that makes them the one for you?  Number each reason and type them up on your computer in a pretty font (about and 18 or 20 size type).  Then cut them all out with a pair of scalloped or zigzag scissors.


Next, you are going to need a regular old white shirt box.


It’s difficult to see in the photo, but I’ve just taken a pencil and lightly marked 12 X’s evenly spaced on the top of the box.  I didn’t measure-that is just not something I do.  Eyeballing it seemed to work just fine.  Take one side of a scissor and stab a hole into the middle of each X so you can get in there to cut along the edges of the X.


Take your finger and fold the flaps of the X into the inside of the box to create a hole just big enough to house a mini cupcake.  Make the holes smaller at first and just tear them larger later on if you find your cupcake doesn’t fit-we’ll get to that pretty soon.

This is what your box will look like.


Then, I just used a cake mix to bake up a bunch of mini cupcakes using those sweet little liners pictured above.  If you are really ambitious, you could separate the cake mix and flavor it with different extracts so that your cakes are actually twelve different flavors.  I was doing this on a Monday night so I cheated and just used one flavor of cake.

Take one of your cakes and make sure they fit into those holes you made in the box.


Frost each of the cakes using a bag filled with fluffy white frosting from the can.  It’s really hard to take a proper picture when you are using one hand to frost, but what I am trying to show you is that if you just cut a rather large hole in the piping bag and set it in the middle of the cake, all you have to do is squeeze and keep squeezing until the frosting covers most of the cake top.  Then just pull straight up to finish.


I simply pulled out my giant box of cake supplies and selected a few different candies and sprinkles to match the liners.   Below is my crate of cake decorations.  You can see why I didn’t go out and buy new ones for this project.


What’s that?  No…I don’t have a hoarding problem, I don’t know what you’re referring to!  Anyway, this is a great way to use up some of those half-filled bottles of nonpareils.

I decorated each of twelve cakes differently, placed them in the holes in the box, and affixed one of my twelve quotes directly under each cake with a circle of scotch tape.



I included a little note.


I think sometimes people are surprised when we take the time to articulate what it is about them that makes them special and unique.  After all, they don’t get to see the light in their eyes when they laugh at an inside joke, or see their reflection on the glass of the car window when you gaze at them from the passenger seat.  They don’t know what they look like when they nap on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. You see your loved ones in their most exquisite light-the times that make the beauty of their soul shine.  It’s in these moments you know why you love, so remember and remind them often.


This little gift is a great way to do that.


Happy Valentines day, with love.



  1. This is a precious idea!!

  2. I love the little reasons that you cut out and put on there. Such a cute way to show your appreciation and love!

  3. chad havey says:

    Thank you Shauna, I trust you with my heart.

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