A Life With Boys

Oh, how I love my boys.  They are precious to me in every way.

Growing up with only sisters, I didn’t know a life with boys until I had my own, and little did I know the trial and the treat I was in for.

My boys are creative.  They love nothing more in life than to build and destroy.  I have stepped on countless Legos left on my floors (ouch!), and have come home to be surprised by small disasters and huge messes that I still cannot explain.

One day, I came home from the store to find that Luke had kept himself entertained using toothpicks and mini marshmallows from my pantry and this was sitting on my couch:


This is one example of why mothers always look before they sit down.

My boys aren’t into fashion.  When Mason was five or six, I bought him a little suit for Easter that had a mint green sweater vest.  It was so adorable and I couldn’t wait to see it on him.  Little did I know that he would bawl for the entire morning, refusing to wear that vest.  He was aghast at the thought and furious at me for buying such a horrific outfit and expecting him to wear it in public.

The other day while we were relaxing for the evening, I looked up an caught a glimpse of the bottom of Mason’s sock:


He told me he’d been walking on holy water.

My boys are helpful in their own right.  Both of them, when they were three or four,  used to love to stand on a kitchen chair and help me cook dinner.  By the time they had grabbed the ingredients when I wasn’t looking, spilled, and burned their fingers, I was often frustrated to tears.

Tonight I complained that my grocery list for the week wasn’t done so Luke offered to do it for me:


He said it was easy.

My boys need a push in the right direction.  I don’t think they see dirt, messes, or any type of disarray.  I think if Chad and I didn’t stand over them, nag them, or force them to pick up or keep clean, they’d be content to wallow in utter filth and disorganization.

I asked Luke to put the silverware away a couple of nights ago.  When I opened the kitchen drawer, this is what I found:


He said he tried.

My boys are loyal, loving, accepting, and kind.  To them I am not ordinary, but beautiful and they tell me often.  To them I am not average, but the smartest mom in the world.  They know what’s important to me, they listen, they remind me of why I get out of bed each day.

When I was doing some research for this blog, I was telling my boys that I just wasn’t sure-what if I didn’t have the technical whiz to pull something like this off?  What if other blogs were better than mine?  Mason just looked at me and said, “Well, Mom you’re the best, you are a good writer and you are creative, there’s just no one that’s competition for you”.  Luke nodded his agreement.

I smiled and was again reminded why I am doing this blog, to capture our wonderful life together.  To put it in a place that can live for a long time and be looked back upon.

Moreover, I am reminded of how blessed I am to live a life with boys…I certainly would have it no other way.




  1. I can relate to the socks AND the silverware…but my boys are 19 & 21!!! I am glad I am not alone :)

    • Us mother’s of boys can relate on a lot of things I’m sure :) Thanks for reading the blog Melissa, I appreciate you :)

  2. That’s how the hubby used to put silverware away too! You have some awesome men in your life.

  3. I love this! You have already been added to my Feedly feed. This post may have just convinced me that it might be worth it. :)

  4. HAHA this is a funny heartfelt blog. I seriously had a chuckle over the silverware.
    Great Job CHOWNA!!!!

  5. HAHA This is a sweet and heartfelt blog. I seriously had a chuckle over the silverware…..
    Great Job CHOWNA!!!!

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