About Me


I’m Shauna Havey, the “HAVE Y” in “HAVE Yourself a time.com”.  I started this blog as a way to capture all of the ways my family, friends,  and I enjoy life and each other.

I’m a wife, mom of two boys, a full time 9 to 5-er, and a lover of life and adventure.  I have always joked that God gave me talents that would never make me any money.  I love to cook, make cakes, mix cocktails, throw parties, travel, decorate, write, and most of all, create memories with those I love.

I do the things I do for a creative outlet and to make those near me feel special, but some people I know, mostly my husband and my best friend, Chad, convinced me that others might be interested in seeing my party themes, cakes, recipes, and ideas for family fun and travel.  So, here I am for everyone to see!

One thing people will tell you about me is that I’m not afraid to make a big deal of things.  In my book, life is short and all of the special moments should be celebrated in a big way.  You don’t have to be a certain kind of person to throw a big Halloween party for your fam, or to host a cocktail party for the girls, or bake a cake for your kid.  You just need a little inspiration and patience and to give up the notion that everything you do must be perfect.  It’s ok that you are not a domestic diva with cash to spare, I’m certainly not.  Everyone can be creative and learn to make family fun time a priority and a reality.

I hope you enjoy my blog and that if nothing else, it inspires you to make the most of your time with those closest to you, to have fun, to put yourself out there, to dream, to be silly, and to try something new.

They say life is short for good reason, it is.  Kids grow up too fast and pretty soon we don’t know where the years have gone.  When there are no big things to celebrate, make up reasons to gather up the family, party, share, laugh, and always-HAVE Yourself a Time!