Grilled BBQ Sausage Kebabs

I know that if you aren’t used to grilling, it can be a bit intimidating-BUT FEAR NOT!  There are easy recipes out there to get you started, and this is one of my go-tos.  Using precooked sausage in these kebabs takes the guesswork out of the grill.  Like anything in life, as you do it you get more and  more adventurous.  I can’t wait to share all kinds of grilling recipes wit you this summer!

These kebabs grill equally well on gas or charcoal.  They can be assembled in advance and brought along on a camping trip or family get together.  You can substitute any veggies that you like and any variety of precooked sausage can be used.  The ones I used for this dish are turkey cheddar sausages.

All you need to do is cut a red onion, three bell peppers, and five sausages into 1 to 1 1/2 in chunks.  The idea is to have five pieces of meat for each kebab.  Go crazy with those veggies and create any pattern you like.  You will need 3/4 cup of your favorite store bought barbeque sauce, some salt and pepper, and some olive oil for the grill grate.


Don’t forget to soak your kebab skewers in water for about an hour before threading on the ingredients or you’ll end up with charred sticks that disintegrate before the ingredients are cooked through.  That would be an awful disappointment since these are so good.

Oil the grill grate and heat it to medium-high heat.  Coat one side of the kebabs with sauce, sprinkle on some S & P, and lay them on the grill for about four minutes or until one side begins to char.  Coat the up-side with sauce and S & P and turn them over.  Cook for another four minutes or so.  The veggies should be crisp-tender and the sausage heated through.  If you feel like they need a couple more minutes to get done, just leave them on for a minute or two more.  Just take care  not to go anywhere-grilled food can do from done to ashes in no time!

One thing you can do to help the kebabs cook faster is to leave a little breathing room between the ingredients.  They don’t have to be pushed on there as snug as I have them in the pictures, but that looked better for my photos.


I like to serve these with some white rice that’s been cooked in chicken broth instead of water and garnished with a little butter and scallions.


These are so filling that you probably only need one per person, but I’d make a double batch just in case!


Give these a try, they are really easy and tasty!

Grilled BBQ Sausage Kebabs


  • 5 precooked chicken or turkey sausages
  • 3 bell peppers-any colors you like
  • 1 large red onion
  • 3/4 C. bottled barbeque sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • 4 kebab skewers


  1. Soak kebab skewers in water for an hour to prevent burning. Cut veggies into one inch pieces. Cut each sausage into four chunks. Thread five pieces of sausage and a variety of veggies onto each skewer. Brush them in barbeque sauce and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook for four minutes per side on a grill that has been oiled and preheated. Enjoy with white rice.




  1. Well, I will definitely have to try these! What a timely post! :)

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