Booze Grams

Everybody’s got them on their gift list-people who have everything.  You fret, you worry, you stew over what in the world to buy for them when a special gift is needed.  It was out of this conundrum that the “Booze Gram” was born.

A booze gram is basically a bottle of the “good stuff” of your choice, with a witty little bit of cuteness attached in the form of a quote the fits the occasion and the drink.

My Dad is one of those people that has everything he needs and with Father’s Day coming up I was stressin’.  I think he has every gadget, tool, yard doohickey, car thingy, or what have you, that has ever been invented.  My Dad is low-maintenance,  but nevertheless, I wanted to say “Whaz up, Dad, I love ya”, on Father’s day.

So, inspired by my Dad, here is the first Booze Gram ever made:


Booze grams are not just for Dad’s Day.  Say you have a friend that’s down in the dumps.  The tequila gram will certainly bring a smile to their face:


Anniversary’s are always a toughie.  You can’t bring home some lame old box a’ chocolates or a wilted bouquet of flowers from the grocery store…but you can bring home a personalized bottle of bubbly to share with your honey.


Say that you’ve got a friend or loved one that’s feeling under the weather.  Chicken soup is so yesterday!  Some Bailey’s Irish Cream in their hot coffee will have them right on their way to perfect health!


If you need a little stocking  or Easter basket stuffer for your other half, try a Kahlua.  You can buy these by the bottle or in little individual drinks like this one.


After you’ve been BFF’s with somebody for so long-it takes a lot to really surprise them.    However, It’s a wonderful place you reach in a friendship when you can tease them about how old they really are.


Giving great alcohol, to someone who likes to imbibe that is, is always a tasteful gift.  I hope I haven’t left any doubt in anyone’s mind about what kind of gift I’d like next time your so inclined to bestow one upon me.

Bottoms up!



  1. These are so cute and unique!

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