Bunless Buffalo Caprese Burgers #Healthy Solutions Spice Blends 2016 Blogger Recipe Challenge

This year, I came across a fun recipe contest that I just had to enter.  It’s hosted by Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.  What’s really cool about this contest, is that when you register to enter, they send you a free package of your choice of spice blend to use in your recipe.  The contest also focuses on delicious healthy recipes which is something I am always working on, especially since I committed to a low sugar diet.

I chose the “Italian Meatballs” spice blends because it contains no sugar and I anticipated it would work beautifully with the Italian meat dish I had in mind.  It certainly did not disappoint!  The flavors of this blend are so robust and vibrant.  Though the mixture has no added salt, it seasoned the meat in my recipe so well, that I didn’t have to add any salt at all.

I created a Bunless Buffalo Caprese Burger for this contest:

Bunless Buffalo Caprese Burgers

Bunless Buffalo Caprese Burgers

Let me tell you, it was as tasty as it was beautiful.

It certainly fits this years contest theme of “no salt/no sugar” and “blending healthy with great taste”.

I love the flavors of a caprese salad.  It’s a beautiful mix of Italian flavors-sweet tomato, mozzarella, and fragrant basil.  My healthy eating plan calls for a substantial amount of organic, grass-fed meat, which is why I love to use buffalo in place of beef.  It’s rich and satisfying, and goes so beautifully with the components of this recipe.  You could certainly use grass-fed beef in place of the buffalo if you can’t find it in your store.  Either way, it will be delicious, thanks to the help of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends!

The burger is stuffed with an ounce of creamy, fresh mozzarella cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar that has been reduced to a thick syrup.  A sprinkling of fruity olive oil finishes the dish, for a plate full of heart-healthy fats and muscle building protein.

I had to step a little bit outside my comfort zone and step in front of the camera for this contest.  I had to produce a short video of myself prepping the recipe.  Yikes!  I much prefer to be behind the camera which is where I feel I really shine, but I was willing to just take a deep breath and get it done since I really wanted to share this great recipe with Health Spice Solutions.

You can see my video at this link:

They will also post it to their own YouTube Channel once they approve my contest entry.

The minute I finished the video, my husband Chad said, “what are you doing with that burger?”  I almost didn’t get a photograph of it before he devoured it.  He also had no idea that it could even be considered “healthy” which says a lot for the bold flavors in this dish.

I’ve included the recipe for you in the handy printable below.  This is a quick and easy weeknight meal, but is so impressive it could be served to company too.  Be sure to give it a try and let me know what you think!


Remember, you can buy the Healthy Solutions Italian Meatball Spice Blend or 15 other varieties online at HealthySpiceblends.com.

Here’s to healthy, delicious, and creative cooking!

Bunless Buffalo Caprese Burgers


  • 1 pouch Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Italian Meatball Variety
  • 1 pound ground buffalo burger (or grass-fed organic beef)
  • ¼ Cup sundried tomatoes in oil, chopped fine
  • ½ Cup flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped fine
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 2 Tablespoons heavy cream
  • 2 Tablespoons bread crumbs
  • 1/2 Cup Parmesan cheese, finely grated
  • 4 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, cut into eight small slices
  • 4 long slices prosciutto
  • 1 Roma tomato, sliced into four slices
  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 3 Tablespoons good quality, full flavored olive oil, divided
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper


  1. In a large bowl, combine the entire pouch of Healthy Solutions Italian Meatball Seasoning, the buffalo meat, the sundried tomatoes, parsley, egg, cream, breadcrumbs, and the Parmesan cheese. Mix lightly with your fingertips until the ingredients are well combined.
  2. Bring one Tablespoon of olive oil to medium high heat in a large skillet.
  3. Divide the meat mixture into four sections. Take two small slices of the mozzarella cheese and form ¼ of the mixture around it to form a patty. Be sure to enclose the cheese well. Repeat this with the remaining meat and cheese.
  4. Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each patty. Place the patties in the hot skillet and cook for five to six minutes per side, just until they are done to your liking. Remove them from the heat and allow them to rest.
  5. Meanwhile, place the balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Allow it to cook and reduce by at least half. It will be thick and syrupy.
  6. Place each burger on a plate and top it with a slice of tomato and a sprig of basil.
  7. Drizzle over some of the balsamic syrup and ½ Tablespoon of the olive oil. Serve immediately.




  1. UPDATE! This recipe received one of five honorable mentions in the contest. Nice! :)

  2. This was a great recipe! My fiancé loved it. Do you happen to have the nutritional information for this recipe? Thanks!

    • Thank you Jenny, I’m so glad your husband liked the burgers. I don’t happen to have the nutritional information calculated on them, sorry about that!

  3. I will have to add this to my recipes for this new eating lifestyle. :)

  4. I have to say I have found a new favorite burger. My mouth is watering still.

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