Cincinnati Chili

There are some nights when all I can do is boil a pot of water and pasta and send it flying to the table by eight o’clock at night.  I really enjoy cooking even on most weekdays, but between long work hours and sports activities for the kids, there are those nights when Ramen noodles sound like too much work!

I am addicted to watching the Food Network and The Cooking Chanel, and one day I saw a feature about Cincinnati Chili.  It looked so good I just wanted to jump through the TV, but it seemed like a simple enough thing to try-simple enough even for a busy weeknight.

It’s really just chili, cheddar cheese, and onions on top of spaghetti!?!  On top of spaghetti…all covered with cheese.  Do you know that song?  …I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.

Weird huh?  Not the song…I mean the dish.

Weird and wonderful is what it is.

Real Cincinnati chili actually originated in Cincinnati.  Imagine that!  It is said to have first been served from hot dog stands and now is an every day menu item in diners.  Authentic Cincinnati chili has more of a thin chili sauce that is flavored with sweet notes such as chocolate, cinnamon, or cloves.  It kind of reminds me of mole sauce that you see in Mexico.  So, I’m giving you a version here that’s a little more suited to picky kids…just with regular old chili con carne out of a can.

This is all you need:


I use turkey chili because it’s a little less fat and the texture really seems to coat the noodles well.  Nalley has a vegetarian chili that would be perfect on this.  Of course, you can use the homemade stuff if you are a more ambitious person than I am.  Just try not to brag ok?  Some of us are tired.  Real tired.  Ok, back to the recipe.  By the way, my cheese is a bunch of different colors because I grated up all the remnants of blocks I had in the fridge-I am known to be very resourceful like that :)

Just heat up the chili in a pan.


And cook the spaghetti noodles in heavily salted water-the proper thing for any noodle!  Then add a little oil to prevent them from sticking.


Pile them up all purty-like on a plate.


Add a scoop of the chili, a good handful of cheese, and a nice pile of fresh diced onions.  The yellow variety are best for this dish.


Try not to lick the screen…this is so easy you can make it tonight.


I looked over and saw Mason eating this with two forks.


I think we have a winner, folks.


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