Cups of Cheer

One of the things I want to do on this blog is to feature ideas that are doable on a small amount of time.  There are multitudes of blogs and other sites out there that feature amazing crafts and projects, but they take a lot of artistic skill, expensive supplies, and most of all, large amounts of time to pull off.  Have Yourself a Time is different in that way-you can use these ideas in a pinch for time and anyone can accomplish them.  It’s still possible to be cute and crafty when you are busy!

I have always believed in putting a little extra time into finding just the right gift for a person and giving thought into presenting it in a beautiful way.  Doing this conveys the way you feel about them and communicates that you think they are worth your time.  They show that you know the individual well enough to present them with something that reflects who they are as a person.  It can be a challenge to put so much thought into gift-giving considering all that must be done in a day, but it can be done and it will make a difference and be remembered.

I came up with the idea of Cups of Cheer, essentially gifts in a cup,  as an easy way to give the perfect personalized gift even in a time crunch.  Each of these gifts were made for a special person in my life, and what’s really great is that they can be customized by you to make them perfect for someone you want to honor.

The Starbucks Insulated Cold Cup


For this gift you need a Starbucks cold cup (this is the Grande size), a gift card, and a few little treats.  I included a cupcake shaped bath bomb and an organic lotion stick.  This gift was for my friend Ginny’s birthday.  She is a huge Starbucks fan and likes all natural products so I made sure the beauty products were organic, paraben free, and not tested on animals.  That’s part of giving a great present-include what the recipient loves, not just what you think does the job.  Obviously you could put any trinket that you wanted to into this gift as long as it fits in the cup.


I love that Starbucks has these adorable bags that are used for every purchase of goods in their store.  They make perfect gift wrap.


A length of ribbon goes along way in my house.  As you can see I used a cute green chevron print ribbon to finish off the gift itself and the wrapping.

The Slurpee Fund Cup

My friend Breeze is a Slurpee fanatic.  I think it has something to do with the decade we grew up in because on a bad day I often turn to this sugary cold concoction for a pick me up.  It’s a lot more acceptable to succumb to a Slurpee at one o’clock in the afternoon than would be  a martini and it even comes in diet flavors these days.  When it came time for Breeze’s birthday this year, I thought I would help her get a few extra doses of this frozen delight into her life.


As you can see you simply stuff a Slurpee cup with tissue paper, stick the straw in, roll up a twenty and insert that into the top and finish it all off with a bow and label.  I was going to use a Seven Eleven gift card in this gift but they were out so I negotiated a free cup instead.  This took all of five minutes to make and I think it turned out to be adorable.  Best of all, this is a gift that will be used and enjoyed.

The Desk Essentials Survival Kit Cup

My good friend Joy just recently got a new job.  She actually got hired where I work which is so fantastic because we’ll get to see each other more often.  I have worked a desk job for the last decade and a half so I have learned of certain things you must have at your desk in order to survive the nine to five life.  I put as many of these essentials as I could fit into a cute coffee mug for Joy so she’d be well equipped and ready to take on the paperwork.


Here we have a nail file, an energy bar, a lollipop,  some lip gloss, a pack of Chicklets, hand lotion, some extra strength Tylenol, and of course, some dollar bills for that late afternoon trip to the vending machine.  All these office necessities are placed in a microwavable  mug which comes in handy for tea, coffee, soup, or a packet of instant oatmeal.

I haven’t given Joy her mug yet, but I can tell you the other two gifts in a cup were very well received.  I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Cup of Cheer!



  1. Breeze Smuin says:

    I can honestly say that my Slurpee gift was wonderful and it has come in very handy lately with the days I have had at work. Nothing like a Slurpee to put a smile on my face. Thank you again Shauna you are an amazing friend!!!

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