Doonbuggy’s Healthy Turkey Wraps

I have called my friend Dawn “Doonbuggy” forever.  I have no idea why except that it used to bug the heck out of her.  I think I knew that she hated it when her grandma called her “Dew Drop”, so I had to come up with my own way to annoy her.  What else are friends for I ask you?

Anyway, I know it’s good old New Year’s resolution time, and I for one am starting my diet once again for the fourth year in a row.   This year the plan is to really lose some weight instead of gain.  I don’t really have a plan except to use My Fitness Pal and record everything I eat.  Hopefully the humiliation in front of myself will help!  If it doesn’t I will continue to talk myself into thinking I look cute a little plump.  That’s plan B.

Doonbuggy has always been a healthy eater.  She made this wrap for me a couple of months ago when she had me over for dinner.  It is guilt free and really scrumptious.

It’s starts out easy enough with four Jennie O turkey patties.  You just fry them up in a pan and season them with some salt and pepper.  If you can find the ones that are already seasoned, that’s even better.


Set the patties on a plate and cover them with foil to keep them warm.  In the same skillet take a beautiful, orange bell pepper and cut it into strips.


To cut a bell pepper without spilling seeds everywhere, hold it upright and cut off the “cheeks” of the pepper.  The core will be left intact, still holding into the seeds.


Put the strips into the same skillet you cooked the turkey patties in and sautee them until you get a little color on them.


Take four large whole wheat tortillas and place them onto each of four dinner plates.  Cover them with a couple of tablespoons of salad dressing.  I used Ceasar because it’s what I had in the fridge.  Dawn used Bleu Cheese.  I think any dressing would be great on these.


Place a little bit of spring greens or other lettuce mix onto the tortilla.  Be generous, you are getting your daily dose of greens in this dish.


Place 1/4 of the peppers onto each tortilla.


Slice each of the turkey patties in half and place them on top of the peppers.


Fold it over like a taco and serve with some juicy corn on the cob, just like Dawn did!


You will enjoy this one, and so will your waistline.


Here’s to eating a little better in 2014!



  1. chad havey says:

    What a delicious meal

  2. Looks yummy! You look gorgeous no matter what size you are.

  3. Great idea!

  4. Dawn Miller says:

    Thank you for posting my recipe. And thanks for telling everyone my crazy grandma’s lovely nickname she had for me ;-). The jalapeno jack turkey patties are my favorite.

    • I loved your recipe and it was nice to have my friend of so many years cook for me. I guess I know how much love I put into food, so I really feel that when I get to have food made by people important to me. I couldn’t find those dang Aleppo turkey burgers-you are going to have to tell me where those are at the store. Sorry about the publicizing of the nick name from Nanny :) I have always thought it was so funny!

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