Easy Easter Sunday Cakes

Believe it or not, these cute as a button cakes are made from Little Debbie’s Cocoa Creme Snack Cakes! They took home a runner up prize this month in the Little Debbie “Dessert for the Kid in All of Us” contest sponsored by Food Network!   This contest had a ton of good entries, so it felt good just to be recognized.  I was pretty taken aback with all the creative things people did with ready made snacks…the creativity was through the roof.

006Cocoa Creme Easter Sunday Cakes

My kids will be really stoked to get the Little Debbie Prize pack in the mail.  Chad and I are totally off carbs, so they’ll be able to chow the whole thing down without any interference from us.  I hope they look back at this post one day and realize what an incredible Mom I really was.  Ha!

I thought these would make a fun activity as an alternative or in addition to coloring Easter eggs.  There’s no baking, so this little project is all fun and no fuss-just the way us working mamas need it.

The basic supplies for this  quaint little cake are pretty minimal.  You need a box of the  Cocoa Creme Cakes (similar to Hostess Ding Dongs), 2 tubs of canned white icing (like Wilton), some food coloring, a couple icing bags and tips of your choice, a frosting knife or butter knife, and whatever candy you’d like to decorate with.  I also bought some little paper doilies to set the cakes on.  You can go as simple or as elaborate as your heart desires on these.

To make things much easier, I suggest you take a small sheet pan, place the doilies on it and dab a bit of frosting on each doilie.   Place one Cocoa Creme Cake on each one.  That little dab of frosting will hold them right in place.  Use your knife to spread a 1/2 inch layer of frosting on top of the first cake, then place another one on top to form a two tiered cake.

Freeze the cakes for a half hour as this will make frosting them a breeze and will prevent tears and swearing fits caused by crumbling snack cakes (I don’t say this from experience, it’s just a hypothetical).  Ahem.

When your cakes are stiffened up (no need for them to be totally frozen), place your frosting in a bowl and microwave it for just a few seconds to loosen it up.  It’s much easier in my experience to frost the surface of a cake with slightly runnier icing.  When you’re done frosting, try dipping your knife in a glass of hot water, then run the hot, wet knife over the surface of the cake to smooth out the frosting.  Works like a charm!

Once your cake have a base frosting, go to town on the decorations.  I just used basic frosting techniques you can Google and learn in seconds.  I used some gumballs, Sixlettes, and hard candies to finish off these darling little works of art.


These would make a very cute addition to your Easter table.  Try putting one at every place setting.  You could have the kids surprise Grandma and Grandpa with one of these when they show up for the Easter Egg hunt.  Who needs an Easter Lily when you can have cake?

Happy Easter to everyone!



  1. These are super cute.

  2. These are so cute!

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