Shut the Front Door!

I used to spend a lot of time on my house, but since I started the blog and committed so much time to my cooking, I just don’t have the time I used to and I’ve let a few things get a little shabby.  Well, I’ve let everything get a little shabby.

I knew I needed to do something to freshen things up, but the thought of making over a whole room was a little more than I could do right now, so I thought I’d freshen up my front door and porch.

The excitement about this project got the best of me Friday night and I forgot to take a before picture, but here is the door how it was, pretty much.  This has just been sanded down and the gray is the primer I started to apply.


Purty rough, isn’t it?

I read a tutorial online about the best way to paint a front door.  Chad always makes fun of me for looking up “how to’s”  online for every little thing I do in my life, but I find them to be quite helpful.  For example, this tutorial suggested that you should paint the recesses first with a foam brush, then go over the panel and the entire door with a roller made for painting front doors.  Now who knew there were rollers for front doors, and who knew those cheap foam brushes work better than an expensive paint brush on this particular project?  I would have never known without that tutorial!

I used a hand-held electric sander to smooth out the texture and eliminate any old drips left from my last paint job roughly 12 years ago.  A dark gray primer covered up the blue and allowed my plum paint to go on super smooth.  It did take three coats.

The right paint color, a new mat, and some darling decorations, and we have a very nice result.


I got the welcome mat, the door decal, and the wreath on  I love shopping Etsy because the items are of high quality and generally hand made.  All of my items arrived in less than a week.

Mat:  SweetSiennaDesigns

Decal:  Welcoming Walls

Wreath:  The Privileged Door

My paint Color is Valspar from Lowe’s, it’s their premium exterior pain in Very Red Wine.  I also got the hardware (knob and deadbolt) at Lowe’s.

I got the topiary from Taipan Trading, and although a bit of a splurge, it’s about as tall as me, and so adorable, I could eat it up.

Now for my own bit of advice on a good experience with a little project like this:  I typically take a couple of hours to shop online for products I like and I either order everything or go during the week after work and shop for things.  That way, on Friday night when I get home, I’m ready to start.  If you don’t have everything ready down to your paint supplies, you are going to have to run back and forth to the store.  Your project will take longer and you might become frustrated before you finish.  This came together in a matter of hours with a little planning ahead time.

Next on the this this winter I’m cleaning carpets and scrubbing down walls.   I also have plans in the works to do a much needed update on my family room.  That should be fun!



  1. You did an amazing job.

  2. I absolutely love it!! So pretty, and the fact that the paint color has wine in it 😛

  3. Dawn Miller says:

    It’s adorable Shauna! I love your family room so don’t change too much. Maybe just a fresh paint color, but your furniture is timeless.

    • Thanks Dawn! I am really struggling with the family room! Feeling quite overwhelmed due to lack of time, but I’ll get to it. I wish my kids were not so hard on my furniture, it is looking a bit shabby!

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