Hamburger Bundles

Ok, so this meal is not pretty.  In fact, it could be called downright ugly.  It will probably not be pinned over and over again on Pinterest because of it.  This meal is not gourmet and this meal is not fancy.  So, now that you know what it’s not, I’ll tell you what it is…it’s TASTY.

Isn’t that what eating is really all about anyway people?  I mean, we don’t go to work the next day and tell everyone how pretty, fancy, or gourmet our dinner was.  We say, “Damn that meal was tasty”.  At least that’s what I say.

This recipe will render a nice, satisfying plate of food which is exactly what you need at the end of a long hard day of livin’ the dream.  So, despite it’s lack of plate appeal, I bring it to you and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

Hamburger Bundles

Serves four, prep 15 minutes, cook 45 minutes

You will need:

1 lb lean ground beef

1 pouch Lipton Beefy Mushroom Soup

a splash of Worcestershire

a splash of soy sauce

1 box stuffing mix

a can of cream of mushroom soup

S  & P


1.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and spray a standard casserole dish with cooking spray.

2.  Prepare the stuffing on the stove top according to package directions and let it cool.

3.   Mix all of the ingredients EXCEPT the stuffing mix and cream of mushroom soup.

4.  Cut the hamburger mixture into four equal parts like so:


5.  Flatten each piece of hamburger into thin patties.


6.  Place a dob of the stuffing on each patty.  A “dob” is a technical term that only us professional chefs use-ha :)


7.  Wrap the edges of the patty around the stuffing so it looks like a little flower.  This is actually kinda pretty, but don’t worry, you are going to ruin that in just a minute!


8.  Spoon the rest of the stuffing onto each flower, pressing down with a spoon, using all of the mixture.  Don’t let any go to waste!


9.  Place the bundles into the casserole dish.


10.  Spoon the cream of mushroom right out of the can  onto the tops of the bundles and top with a little salt and pepper.



11.  Once cooked, the soup will turn into a warm, rich gravy.  Place the bundles in the oven for 45 minutes until H & B (hot and bubbly).  The bundles will open up upon cooking, so don’t freak out.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  They should look just like this.


Do ya see why I warned you?  Not the most photogenic of dishes, but so warm and comforting.

12.  Serve these bundles up along side a big ol’  bunch of trees- um, what I mean is broccoli-we call that trees in our house.


Hope it becomes a fav at your table!




  1. chad havey says:

    One of our favorites for sure.

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