Happy New Year Hangover Healer

So….had an amazing time last night with our buddies the Smuins.  At the inception of our evening, I wasn’t yet aware of the amount of alcoholic substances we were about to send coursing through our veins.  Below you will witness the carnage of our gluttony.


We played Scattegories like a bunch of bosses-well, for being sauced that is.

Anywho…Chad and I were feeling a little hazy this morning.

Luckily I had been planning on serving up a brunch for New Year’s day, featuring foods known for their ability to cure a hangover.  This is bonafide, cutting edge research I am talking about here people.  This brunch made us feel much better and ready to tackle the rest of our New Years Day!

This menu is so tasty, you should find it well-worth making, even if you stayed firmly hitched to the proverbial wagon last night.

The Menu:

Almost Affogatos with In the Hole Doughnuts

Hair of the Dog Mimosas

Pomegranate Yogurt Shots with Mint

Herby Home Fries with Cheese and Creme Fraiche

Wayward Waffle Stacks with Organic Natural Syrup

I made this menu and served it to my husband in courses and then set some aside for my still sleeping kids.  It was much easier for me to do that way-you know how hard it is to get breakfast items all ready at once and this way I could go at my leisure, savoring the moments of creating my feast.  I am weird like that.  You could certainly do this normally and make a few items ahead, pulling everything together for your family or guests.

Almost Affogatos w/ In the Hole Doughnuts

An affogato is a cup of hot espresso adorned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato.   I simply whirred a hot brewed cup of coffee in the food processor, replacing the ice cream in a typical affogato with a tablespoon or so of sweetened condensed milk which created a sweet, frothy cup of coffee.  I then stabbed a doughnut hole with a kebab skewer and served it in the hot coffee along with some cinnamon sticks to swirl into it.


Why it works:  Research says coffee is a must to wake up the senses and dull the headache caused by overindulgence of liquor.  The condensed milk adds some palatable sweetness.  And, since you are probably “in the hole” from buying too much at the liquor store, I figured In the Hole Doughnuts were fitting.  Besides the bread makes your tummy feel better.

Hair of the Dog Mimosas

This drink is simply no pulp orange juice mixed with some Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.


Why it works:  Real mimosas are of course, made with champagne.  However, opinion is divided on whether or not people should drink alcohol to cure a hangover.  Doing so is referred to as partaking of Hair of the Dog.  I didn’t want to take any chances, so I made a virgin mimosa.  The vitamin C in the orange juice can’t hurt when you aren’t feeling well.

Yogurt Pomegranate shots with Mint

I figured since doing shots was kind of the theme for last evening, a healthy “shot” of sorts for this brunch would work well.  All I did was take about 2 cups of vanilla yogurt, mix it with a pinch of cinnamon for warmth, and put it into a zip lock freezer bag.  I cut off the end and piped it like frosting into shot glasses.  I topped this off with fresh pomegranate seeds and a sprig of fresh mint.


Why it works:  The protein in the yogurt will help give you some sustainable energy for the day, plus coat and settle your stomach.  The brightness of the fruit and mint will boost your mood, offering a fragrant and appealing bite.

Herby Home Fries with Cheese and Creme Fraiche

Breakfast spuds are my favorite morning food.  Top them with cheese and they become gooey and sinful, while still maintaining their crispness.  To make these, you just take a bag of fresh cubed hashbrowns to a buttered skillet.  Smoosh them down with a spatula, and for the love of all holiness, please be patient.  Let them get golden brown on one side and then flip them with a large spatula.  Although easier said than done, do not stir.  Once they are brown, top them with some copious amounts of freshly grated Colby Jack cheese.  Place a lid on them and let the cheese melt like so.


Chop up some gorgeous chives.


Scoop some of these fries onto a plate, garnish with a dollop of creme fraische (or in my case, leftover ranch dip from the party last night because I forgot the creme fraische), and some chives.


Good gracious.

Why it works:  Hasn’t your mamma every told you that potatoes are good for a tummy ache?  Well, they are.  They seem to soak up all that extra acid and take the stomach rumbles away.  These will give you much needed carbs to propel you through your day and to get a head start on all you are going to accomplish this year.  Oh, the cheese, cream, and herbs-they just make it taste good!  Clever huh?

Wayward Waffle Stacks with Organic Natural Syrup

Since there was a lot of wayward behavior going on last night, I thought this breakfast food dripping with rebellion and sin would be perfectly suited.  All you do is take a few slices of thick bacon and throw them into the oven until they look like this.


Whip up some waffle mix (Krustez in the box is just fine), and throw it into your waffle press.  Place a quarter of a waffle on your plate, topped with a bacon criss-cross, and top with another quarter of waffle that is placed off-set (or it won’t be wayward), and finish it all off with a fried egg.  Serve your stack along with a side of warmed up, real maple syrup.


Drizzle the syrup all over the top and dig in, getting a bit of all the components onto your fork.


Why it works:  A hardy breakfast is the ultimate hangover cure.  The fact is, you need a full belly for your mind and body to resume harmonious function.  This plate combines, carbs, protein, sweet, savory, and just plain exquisite pleasure into one bite.  It is the way to start off your New Year.

Speaking of the New Year, I hope yours is filled with all you dream it will be.  Make it count in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled, whether it be full of great achievements, or little fragments pure joy that you relish at every opportunity.  It’s your year, make it great.




  1. Shauna, this post is making me seriously hungry. I especially like the yogurt and mimosas.

  2. Breeze Smuin says:

    We had a great time last night and we will need to again soon. I have decided that I need a shaker and we need to get together so I can learn more recipes. Thanks again for hanging out and having a blast with us!

    • We had a great time with you guys too! I will come over anytime and bring my shaker and we can make cocktails together.

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