Retro Movie Night

Man, it’s a lot of pressure deciding what should be your very first post on your very first blog, but I had to choose by default because I don’t have my pictures uploaded to my computer yet, so I had to choose a topic that doesn’t require a photo, yikes-can you tell I’m new here?

Anyway, on with the topic at hand…

My kids, like most other kids, are easily entertained by the BIG stuff in life like trips to the amusement park and “cool” vacations.   A lot of parents though, struggle to fill up the times in between with fun and meaningful experiences.  Too often, we let the daily grind overtake our lives and we forget to really live.  We think we don’t have time, or we can’t afford to have ourselves some fun on any old otherwise boring day.

Teaching our children how to create their own fun will serve them well in life and it’s as important as teaching them all those other boring but necessary lessons like, “don’t forget to brush”.  When we teach our children ways to celebrate the ordinary days and make them special, we teach them to live a full life.

On our recent and only trip to Disney World (which was one of our BIG moments in life for sure), we visited the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.  My husband Chad and I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  It looked exactly like it did in the movie!  When our kids weren’t as enthused, we realized they hadn’t ever seen the movie!  I know, we should have been ashamed to call ourselves parents.

So, when we got home, we came up with the idea of “Retro Movie Night”.  We ordered pizza, went to the local video store (yep, they still exist), and found a copy of Swiss Family Robinson.  We turned off all the lights and settled in for a trip on the high seas right there in our own family room.

The kids loved the movie.  It made us realize that some things really do stand the test of time and that there are things that these modern day kids can still relate to from back in the day.   It’s little things like this that bridge the distance between kids and their old parents.

I have put together a list of suggestions from our retro movie night archive to give you some ideas.  You could even try having food to match your movie.  Hello, Reeces Pieces on ET night anyone?

I have learned that these are the moments that are remembered, friends.  These are the moments in life that count.  My kids don’t really remember too much about the tree house at Disney World, as great as it is.  But they still talk about Swiss Family Robinson Night.

Retro Movie List to get you started :

*Adventures in Babysitting, *A Christmas Story, *An American Tale, *Back to the Future, *Charlotte’s Web, *Crocodile Dundee, *Disney’s Robin Hood, *Dumbo,  *ET, *Field of Dreams, *Fox and the Hound (The), *Free Willy, *Ghost Busters, *Goonies (The), *Gremlins, *Harry and the Henderson’s, *Home Alone, *Homeward Bound, *Honey I Shrunk the Kids,  *How to Eat Fried Worms, *Indiana Jones, *Jurassic Park, *Karate Kid, *Kindergarten Cop, *Lady and the Tramp, *Land Before Time (The), *Last Star Fighter (The),  * Mac and Me, *Mary Poppins, *Navigator (The), *Never Ending Story (The), *Peter Pan, *Pete’s Dragon, *Sandlot (The), *Short Circuit, *Space Jam,  *Stand By Me, *Star Wars, *Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original), *Wizard of Oz (The), *Zethura.





  1. I am so glad you had The last starfighter, goonies and the sandlot. You need to add some John Wayne too. (Rio Lobo, El Dorado a couple of my favorites.)

    And Shauna I really do like your blog, very well setup and written.

    • Hi, Shawn, you are right, how could I forget John Wayne? Chad has made me watch all of those movies :) Thanks for reading the post, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Cari Leavitt says:

    We love watching movies from the good old days! Even the kids enjoy them. One of my faves is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  3. Joy Holfeltz says:

    I love old movies this time of year we always bring out Hocus Pocus to get ready for Halloween. Bette Midler is the best. The kids love that we grew up watching these “oldie” movies.

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