Hosting a Halloween Party-Part One

The Halloween Party I host each year, known as The Havey’s Annual Black Cat Bash, is the first party I hosted on a regular basis and is probably what made me wish I could be a party planner for a living.  It is pure gluttonous fun for my creative brain.  I just don’t think they pay good money for party planners here in my corner of the world.

Nevertheless, I do it all for fun and I do it each year with more excitement than the last.  The Black Cat Bash has become a beloved tradition in our house.

I know a lot of people are intimidated by throwing parties.  A lot of my friends and family love to attend a good soirée, but when it’s time to host, they get a severe case of anxiety.  It can be overwhelming to plan and host a party and to fit that into your schedule in between work and regular life-but you can do it!

I believe in keeping it simple, planning ahead, and using your budgeted time and money on the details that matter.

What makes my Halloween Party unique is that I host a single party for the adults and kids in one night, but create two tables, and two menus.  This way the little gouls and gobblins can eat, trash their table, and go play, while the adults can linger at their table sipping cocktails, chatting, and relaxing.   The adults aren’t stuck eating kiddie food and the kids get to enjoy what they like.  I know this may sound like a lot of work, but I keep it very simple-stay with me!

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you what I whipped up for the adults, and in the next post, we’ll see what the kiddos got.

Let’s start with the whimsical tablescape for the adults:


I used neutral items I already had,  mixing black, red, white, gold and silver to create this simple, but fun table.  Buying your dishes in neutral colors is smart because you’ll save money and storage space.  I have used most of these items in table settings for Bunco, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

I spent just a few bucks to create my centerpiece.  I simply painted three real pumpkins in not-so-conventional Halloween colors and tied them with ribbon that matched my table  I was pleased with the sophisticated, yet casual platform for our Halloween feast.


Guests arrive to the sounds of Halloween music in the background and everything is set out and ready to go.  There is nothing worse than arriving to a party and seeing that the food is not ready.  Part of a stress free party is good timing.

We help the kids get settled at their special table, make sure they are all served,  and then the adults are seated at their table and the party begins.

The star of our show is always the food.  I served a big ‘ol pot of chili with all the fixins’, Fritos, hot breadsticks, and crudités.


A neat presentation is always key.  Simple food served neatly makes a great impression.  Try this method for serving veggies instead of a boring old veggie tray.  I just used ramekins and a simple serving tray.


I like to serve beverages out of a tub filled with ice for easy grabbing.


I always have a fruit garnish available for the drinks.  I served soda, Hefeweisen, Blue Moon, and a mixed drink, so I used lemons and oranges.


I like to make cocktails in a pitcher for parties so I don’t spend all night on my feet shaking drinks.  I’ll show you how to whip this one up in an upcoming post.

Having a little dish of Halloween Candy around for your guests is a must.  I made this holder out of a dollar store vase, candlestick, epoxy glue, and some ribbon.


Before we had dessert, we played the Guess How Many Game.  The person with the closest guess won the holder and the candy!


I taped the correct number onto the bottom of the dish so I wouldn’t forget and no one could accuse me of helping someone cheat!  This container was made from a plastic candy dish and a candlestick for two bucks.

I served the same dessert to the adults and kids this year.  These are called Demonic Donuts and were made from glazed donuts, plastic fangs, and candy eyeballs.


If that doesn’t make ya laugh, you must be dead!

I really hope you aren’t dead, because you need to come back later this week to see what the kids side of the Halloween House looked like.  It was pure, dreadful fun!

I hope you found something here to inspire your Halloween spirit and if you aren’t yet convinced you can throw a Halloween party in your house, I’m not done with you yet!







  1. Shauna, I love the new site! The Halloween party was a blast! My boys really like the scary donuts and the skeleton made of veggies. A couple years ago, the Havey’s put black construction paper on the back of the stairs and then glued some yellow eyes. It looks like creepy monsters peeping through :)

  2. I love the pumpkin centerpiece, how creative is that?

    • I am going to use it for Bunco this weekend so you’ll get to see it in person. Glad you like it-I thought it was fun to use pink and red for Halloween:)

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