How to Make an Amaretto Sour

I have some old friends that love to party.  We have been partying since back in the day, the first year that the show “American Idol” came out.   We all went to the concert together  that year in Salt Lake and got a little giddy at Shaggy’s Bar afterward.

Back then it didn’t take much to get me tipsy and I didn’t know much about booze.  My friends took advantage of my ignorance and neglected to tell me that Long Island Iced Tea was not, in fact, iced tea at all.

Whenever we get together these days, they still like to bring up and laugh about the fact that I ended the night three sheets to the wind, dancing with a telephone pole, under the second street bridge on our way back to our hotel.

My friend Jennifer is one of those friends and her drink of choice then and now is an amaretto sour.  She is the one responsible for introducing me to this scrumptious, classic cocktail.

I went out to dinner with a bunch of these old friends a few weeks ago, and we ordered up a round of sours.  I am proud to say that I drank them all under the table and I didn’t violate any telephone poles in the process.  What can I say, I have grown in life.

An amaretto sour is as simple as it gets to make.  The sweet and sour mixer makes it a no brainer, yet it tastes much more complex than it is.

Here is how to make one.

Amaretto Sour

For one cocktail:

You will need:


A cocktail shaker

plenty of ice

4 oz Sweet and Sour Mixer

2 Shots Amaretto liquor

1 maraschino cherry plus juice

1.  Fill the cocktail shaker and a tumbler or goblet with plenty of cubed ice:


2.  Pour four ounces of sweet and sour mixer into the shaker:



3.  Then add in that booze:


Note:  As you can see, I am not measuring, but pouring directly into the shaker.  This is why everyone loves my drinks, I am a heavy pourer.  I have simply given you measurements as a guideline and in case you suffer from OCD and insist on measuring your liquor :)

4.  Next pour this heavenly mixture into your goblet full of ice:


5.  Now add one beautiful, perfect maraschino cherry and a splash of the juice:


Isn’t that just almost too pretty to drink?  (Emphasis on the almost there.)

I served these last time I hosted Bunco.   My friend Ginny, who is another one of my favorite party girls, said it was divine.  They sure made us both real giggly.

Enjoy this classic cocktail with some of your favorite party girls.  They will love you for it!




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