I Want Candy

Girls love candy.  Girls love money.  I want to show you how I combined the two into a lovely gift for my niece, McKayla’s tenth birthday.

Now, I need to give credit where credit is due.  I first saw this idea via Pinterest on lifeasamom.com.  I just added my own touches & made mine a little more girly and foo-foo I guess you could say.

I love this idea because it really could be made up to give to anybody and could be made from as little as $10.00 all the way up.

I started with a box.  Instead of using an empty candy box, which you could certainly do, I just dug into the stack of boxes I have stored in the basement  and found this cute Coach box that contained the wallet Chad got me for Valentine’s day one year.  The point is, you just need a small, shallow box.


I then lined the box with a piece of tissue paper that matched the piping on the edges of the box.  I took some scotch tape and taped a bunch of mini cupcake liners to the tissue.  I used two kinds of liners for variety, but you certainly don’t have to.


Once you cover the bottom of the box, you are at the really fun part.  I used $25.50 to put together this gift.  I used the following denominations of money:  1 $5 bill, 1 $10 bill, 1 $2 bill, 1 Susan B Anthony dollar, 6 quarters (4 in one and 2 in the other), and 6 $1 bills.  I also used 3 candies (I couldn’t find those gold chocolate coins anywhere today so I used the next best thing, 3 Forer Rocher).

I folded the bills into different shapes showing different parts of the bills, using scotch tape to secure them into their shapes.  I then used scotch tape to adhere the money to the cupcake liners.  Don’t be afraid to shimmy things around a bit to fit everything in there so it looks nice.   After all that, here is what you end up with,a box of candy!


I then took a pink post-it note and cut it down with some scalloped scissors and used a sharpie to write “candy” on it.  (I wouldn’t want the poor girl to think she was getting a Coach purse for her birthday and open up the box to find only $25.  Oh, my that would not be good).  I then used scotch tape to adhere the tag over the logo on the box and used some ribbon to finish it off.


And there you have it.  A box of candy any girl would love.





  1. Just wanna comment that you have a very decent website , I enjoy the style it really stands out.

  2. This is super cute! I love this idea. :)

    • Thank you Ginny! Now, if we could figure out some way to do this with something like wine…hmmm…we’ll have to think on that one.

  3. Love this idea, I’ll bet she was thrilled when she opened it.

  4. Cari Leavitt says:

    Shauna, I will take a box of that candy for my b-day please!

  5. What a cute idea! I have never seen anything like it.

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