Infinity Scarf

I was listening to Christmas music on the way home from work today in the car.  It was more of a necessity than a choice, when you get to a week out before Christmas it seems like they blast it through every radio station on the air waves, like it or not.

I hate to be a big old Grinch, but it’s been a hard year for me and for once in my life I’m a little more aware of how lonely the holidays can be for people.  I am not truly alone though, and for that I am indeed thankful.

It seems to me like life is constant paradox of dark and light, pain and joy, normalcy and exhilaration.    We don’t know which one of these things is around the corner.  I think this is why as humans we are so important to each other-love is constant in a world where nothing else is.

This is why I believe so much in celebrating the moments of life-as I hope this blog illustrates.  You just can’t afford not to.

When you care about someone, say it.  When you are proud, show it.  When they win, share their happiness and acknowledge it like it is your own thing.  This is where happiness in life can be found-having joy in the joy of others.

This is a little idea that will help you let a friend know you care.  It’s the infinity scarf.

My dear friend Ginny just graduated with her Master’s degree on December 14th!  It’s a pretty amazing feat-although not really for her because she’s brilliant, but for me it would certainly constitute as amazing.  I gave her this little gift, just to let her know how proud I am of her.

The great thing about this gift though, is that it can be given for any occasion, especially as a “just because”.  It would also be a great Christmas gift.

You just start out with a simple box.  I got this one at the craft store.


You are going to need an infinity scarf, which is of course, just a scarf that is connected into a circle, instead of having two ends on it.  You can also add a cute pair of gloves if you want but you don’t have to.  My friend happens to have a little fetish for fingerless gloves and I thought these were to die for.  I got these at Old Navy.


Before placing them snugly inside the box, write a little note to your friend.  I started with the definition of infinity and explained that like the infinity scarf, our friendship has no beginning and no end.  I then used all the synonyms I could think of for the word “infinity” and I weaved those into the note.

I tucked the note into the box with the scarf and gloves.  I won’t include the whole note here, because it’s personal, but here it is with the first couple of lines.


Just top off the box with some ribbon and twine.


I added a little “Congratulations” tab to the front.


There you have it-simple and sweet.

This is something that can be done in a few minutes, doesn’t cost much, but is full of meaning.

I bet you have a friend in your life that could use this very kind of thing right now, so take a second and do it for them already!  You will be glad you did.



  1. You are such a darling. :) I hope you don’t mind me stealing your ideas, I tell everyone that my brilliant friend Shauna was the one who thought of it!

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