Homemade Halloween Invites

The air is getting colder, the evenings darker, and the leaves are beginning to fly.  For many, the time of fall is the most magical of all the seasons, especially when it comes to the mystical and marvelous Hallow’s eve.

The reasons people love Halloween are many, but perhaps most poignant is the thrill of being a child again-silly and carefree, in the guise of whomever it is you want to be.

Halloween lends itself to creativity more than any other holiday.  Some like it dark and morbid, others prefer it fanciful and light, but whatever your fantasies are made of, they can come to life on this night unlike any other.

I’m throwing a Halloween themed bunco party next week, and I’ll be bringing you all of the wonderful party wizardry I can pull out of my hat this year.   As is my typical trickery, I will be creating a dark and eerie adults table and dinner theme as well as separate spread for the little goblins.   I can’t wait for you to see it, but for now it is still being created in my apothecary, so you will have to wait my dearies.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my simple, yet fabulous party invites.  I’m hoping they’ll encourage you to conjure up your own scary spell, and throw a little bash for those witches and warlocks closest to you this year.


For this darling envelope, I found a package of thank you cards in the dollar bin at the craft store-chucked those and just used the envelopes.  I found the wonderful quote in a Sandra Lee Halloween magazine I’ve had for years.  I had Chad write it onto the stick-able labels with a Sharpie.  I then tied some 50 cent ribbon around the outer edge.

The little clothespin is holding the label of the guest’s last name:


I always print my invites on a regular 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.  That’s because I like to include a lot of details about the upcoming event.  It gets people excited to hear about all the fun things you have planned and helps them really get into the theme long before the day of the party.

Each year, I write a new Halloween poem and include that on the invite.


The poem always makes people smile, and I really enjoy writing it.

I also like to include the menus I’ll be serving as well as some information about the theme.

This year, the adults will enjoy a very creepy old Gothic themed table, but the food will be done in all bright hues to contrast with the table.  Why serve mashed potatoes, when you can serve poison purple mashers?


The kids will be dining from a buffet that is designed to look like a Witch’s pantry, and will include all of the gross and interesting things a witch would use to brew her potions.  I will be serving that up in the family room which will be turned into a “monster mosh pit” where the kids will snack and watch their favorite Halloween flicks.


So as you can see, we have a lot planned and I will be very busy this week trying to make all of these petrifying things come to life!

I think you’ll see though, when I post the pictures from the party, that there are very simple and smart ways to do things that will save you time, money, and sanity.  As I like to say-make it doable or don’t do it!

Even if you don’t go all out-have a Halloween bash anyway.   There’s nothing wrong with gathering around a pot of chili, playing cards, and watching an old 80’s movie like the Gremlins or Ghostbusters.  How fun would that be?

Whatever you do, start with a fun invite.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have this little envelope show up on their door step?




  1. So cute.

  2. I just love your invitations and your poem, so creative!

  3. Love this Shauna! When my daughter was little we had a Halloween party every year – haven’t one one in over 15 years though! The invites are so cute!! 😀

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