Jonesing for a Birthday Gift

I love gift giving.  I’ve spent countless hours out on little quests to find the perfect present to make a person feel loved and special.  I’ve been known to blow over my budget or visit ten different stores just to find something that will guarantee a birthday smile.  What do you do though when you have those people in your lives, and we all do, that are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for?  You know who I’m talking about…MEN and TEENAGERS!  Those two species of people, though we love them dearly, make gift shopping unbearable.  They either have everything and don’t want anything found in a store (MEN) or they hate everything that exists (TEENS).

That’s when I decided to get smart and give money.  I think we are past the days when it may have been taboo to gift money to people.  In fact, in my world, it was never taboo.  I mean why do we want to refrain from giving something everybody wants?  That’s just plain silly.  I do think though, that throwing a wad of crumpled up bills with a ball of your pocket lint on the side is rather uncouth.  Maybe that’s where gifting money got a bad rap.  Too many grandmas pulled 20 dollar bills out of their purses with a half-sucked lollipop stuck to them.  Too many uncles tried to hand over damp Abe Lincolns that they pulled out of their sock right in front of your eyes.  One too many Mom’s gave you their cleavage bills (guilty)!

So, we must still put thought into our gift of money and then it will be perfectly civilized and oh so appreciated.

I happen to have a little “thang” for specialty sodas.  Not only are they cute as all get-out, but they taste pretty dang good too.  I always stop on the soda isle at the store to see what they’ve got that’s new.  That’s where I got my “Jonesing for a Birthday Gift” idea.


Kinda doesn’t get simpler than this, but how dang adorable is it?

It’s thoughtful, useful, and the presentation says, “I put thought into this”.  That’s what gift giving would say if it could talk, right?

Obviously the possibilities are endless with this.  I’ve done this with a 12 pack of soda too, and you can stick a couple of Slim Jims or some candy into it as well.  My kids will bring these to birthday parties for friends.  They can be girly or manly just by changing the type of soda and the ribbon used.

In the very early days of this blog I did a Coke and a Bud Light version of this gift and they are hands-down the most pinned  posts I’ve ever done.  Makes me think other people have a hard time finding gift for their loved ones too.

Here is the link to the post for those.  Please kindly refrain from judgment, these were done back in the day when I didn’t have a professional camera, or a CLUE about taking pictures.  I’ve come a long way on that baby!



  1. I do love cleavage bills. But this is cute too. Jk

  2. The part about the lint balls made me laugh. Everyone in the cafeteria at work looked at me like I had lost my marbles. I love your gift ideas. They are always fun.

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