Just Camp!

Each summer I am reminded of the healing power of nature-of mother Earth.  There is no season I love more…the heat, the sweat and salt, the greens and blues.  Nothing does more for my soul than sleeping in a tiny tent with my little family, surrounded by scurrying critters, and the dark blue sheath of night.

I know camping is not for everybody…some people I know and love would rather cut off their own limb than camp outside with the dirt and the creatures.  It’s okay…to each his own for sure.  I’m no outdoorsy lady either, but I’ve come to appreciate a jaunt out into the beautiful whimsy of the natural world, even if only for a day or two.

This is one of two posts I have planned about camping this summer.  I thought I’d bring you a few tips and hints about making it a bit easier and a bit more feasible to pull a little trip of your own together and show you some of the ways to eat good and play hard out in the wilderness.

First, might I suggest you pick a State Park like Jordanelle in Heber City.  The facilities include handy amenities like bathrooms with flushing toilets, warm water, and showers.  It allows you to be out in the forest without being exposed to digging your own hole if ya know what I mean.  State and national parks are usually very clean and well-kept too.  Take a look at this gorgeous place.



Next, I’d say bring some friends along.  We went with our good friends Joy & Wayland and their kids.  When you share the trip with another family you share the burden of the load too.  Joy and I got together for an hour a few weeks before our trip and planned out our meals and did the “you bring this and I”ll bring that” thing and we were done in no time flat.  Needless to say, spending a weekend with good friends is always enjoyable and we had a blast.


 A comfy place to sleep is a must.  Might I recommend bringing a few things along to make you feel at home.  Check out my “glamping” (glamorous camping) set up.


Here’s a closer look inside the glam tent.


This was a starter project for me-part of my goal for the next camping trip is to add a little more glam to the glam tent, so look for that in an upcoming post.  I can’t wait!

Organizing some fun and easy activities for the kids is always a treat.  They look forward to seeing what special fun you have arranged.  We did glow in the dark bowling this time.


You just place some bracelet sized glow sticks into a few water bottles, wait for dark, and knock the “pins” down with whatever sort of ball you’ve got around camp.  We found out a basketball worked just fine.  This kept the kids entertained until it was time to roast marshmallows.


We also spent some time at the lake itself, soaking up the sun, flying kites, and taking mud baths.  Good times, indeed.


 Great food is the key to any good camping adventure!   You can’t have happy campers without good hot meals and tasty snacks.

We made dutch oven dinners each night.  These are the way to go because you simply throw some fixins into a pot (use a liner for easy clean up), and let the hot coals do all the work.  These hot meals taste wonderful after that sun goes down and it gets a little chilly!



We blackened some corn on the cob over the fire which was a hit.




Joy made these gorgeous breakfast burritos for the day we left camp.  She made them ahead of time and just heated them up over the hot coals.  Just divine!


But when all else fails there’s always cereal and milk.


Really, the thing about camping is the people you’re with. 

It’s a time free from the distractions of everyday life.  You don’t worry about what you look like, who’s texting you, or cleaning the house.  It’s just about going back to the basics of conversations, human interaction, and worrying about nothing but the necessities.


It’s just spending time with good people in a good place.


And reconnecting with the world around you and those that mean the most to you.


Even if they won’t be serious long enough for you to take a picture of them.

If camping is not for you, may you find your own little piece of heaven in this world…a place you feel calm and centered, accepted, and close to the terrain.



  1. You even make camping look enticing!!! Looks like such fun!

    • Thanks Wren. I was thinking of you when I wrote that some of my favorite people aren’t too fond of camping. I still chuckle when I think of you out there with Jeff when the cows were mooing-so dang cute, I love it!

  2. Looks like fun. You are definitely a “glamping” girl. You’ll have to see my glam tent pic. You’ll be proud of this country girl.

  3. What a fun time we always have.

    • Yes we do, Chad. Thanks for putting up with my craziness-I am sure most guys wouldn’t sleep in a glam tent. Love you :)

  4. I love this post. That looks like so much fun, the food looks delicious, and glow-in-the-dark bowling is so creative!

    • Thanks Ginny! I’m going to get you guys to go up with us next year. I’ll turn you into a camping girl-I’m determined!

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