Life is Meant to be Lived

Today’s post is written by my dear friend Ginny, author of the amazing blog, Blueberry Bramble.  I am so honored that Ginny would write this amazing article just for Have Yourself a Time-she is a very talented writer.  Please stop by her blog, for a dose of inspiration.


Life is meant to be lived.  I mean truly, unabashedly, passionately lived.  Sometimes this means just being still, cutting through the clutter.  Lately I have noticed that too many of us go day by day, just going through the motions.  Driving from place to place on autopilot, making choices by obligatory default, and working our way toward a life less happy.

We need to stop.  We need to remember that we only have one chance at this and all of it counts.

Life gives us both ups and downs and through it all, we need to look around, pause, take a deep breath and figure out what we really need, and which course of action will benefit our best self.  Because our best self is the one that has the most to give to the world.

Take the time to pause, look around, and really think about the path you are on.  Life speaks to us in so many ways, through the rose tinge of the clouds upon sunrise, the hug of a friend upon parting, the transition of seasons across the year, and the words that are spoken to us day by day.

There are happy experiences and less desirable ones, but mindfulness will help us choose the path that is the one which will move us forward, help us appreciate the lessons in life, and ultimately bring us and others more joy.

Life has been speaking to me lately…I have been abundantly blessed with good friends, overwhelming love, and the rekindling of my love affair with writing.  Each and every day, I learn lessons from my closest kindred spirits.  Lessons of love, lessons of compassion, and lessons of kindness.  I am better because of them, because these people care enough to take the time each day to send me a kind word, carve a few moments out of their existence to talk about books over coffee, or take a quick second to just listen.

As a result, I am once again learning to live that life that I should have been living all along.  The one in which I listen to those around me, as well as myself and the universe.

If you stop long enough just to be still you can hear it, all it takes is a little patience and a desire to just be.







  1. Thank you for posting this Shauna! I think our soirees are good for our writing!

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