Merry Little Christmas Gifts

If I did this blogging thing for a living, I would have promptly posted all my Christmas ideas in November and early December in time for all you crafty girls out there to use them.  But, unfortunately, I do my living for a living, so here I am cramming all my Christmas posts into the last few days.

It’s a good thing these ideas are very easy and only require a small investment of your time.   They are great for last minute gifts, and that’s the truth, because I just created them this week.

Sometimes I have an idea that actually turns out even better than I envisioned and that is certainly the case with this wine cozy craft.  This would be darling as a hostess or neighbor present.

You start out with a toddler-sized sweater.  This is a size 2T that I got at the thrift store for a dollar and  ninety nine cents.


You are just going to brutally chop the arm of the sweater right off at the armpit like so.


Sew on a couple of large buttons.


Then slip the sleeve over a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, whichever you please.  Add a ribbon and a gift tag and you have a sweet little way to give a bottle of Christmas bubbly.



Tell your eleven year old you bought him a new Christmas sweater.  Be gravely serious and make him try it on.


Words cannot express my love for this kid.

Now, for the second gift, you are going to need a recipe for some kind of loaf cake.  I just pulled one off Pinterest for a cranberry orange cake.  You want something without a glaze on it.  Copy the recipe and print it out on a piece of Christmas scrapbook paper.  Grab a length of ribbon, a dollar store frame, and some waxed paper.



Place the recipe into the picture frame, bake the cake, and wrap the cake into some waxed paper.  Place the loaf on the frame and tie it with a bow.



The cake made the house smell just like Christmas.

I can’t take credit for this third idea.  It was given to me by my friend Joy.  She placed a perfect little bottle of her Pesto sauce made from her very own garden and some good quality spaghetti noodles in a wine bag for me for Christmas.


I had stopped at her house on the way home from work Friday night to deliver her Christmas gift.  It was an icy night and I was already an hour into what ended up being an hour and half commute home when I pulled off the exit to her house.  I just didn’t want to miss the Holfeltz’s for Christmas.  I came home really tired and not in the mood to cook, so I just put this lovely sauce into a pan with a little butter and cream and let the fragrant smell fill up my kitchen.


I mixed this herb-flecked goodness with the pasta and threw in a fresh tomato.


I wound it onto a plate and added some black pepper and grated parm.


I will admit I indulged a bit too much and got a little tummy ache.  I blame the traffic.


Thanks Joy and Wayland for a wonderful gift.  You know how I love my food-especially the kind made by someone else!  It’s the reason I have to go on a diet on January 1st for the 4th year in a row.  :)

It’s always a good idea to give a gift made from your own hands for Christmas-these are true gifts of the heart too.

In the bustle and rush of the holiday, may you find what brings your life peace and happiness.



  1. The wine cozies are so cute, the buttons are just the right touch. And I love that you made him put the sweater on! It looks like he was having fun with it. Joy’s pesto looks so good, I got some from her today and I am just dying to try it!

    • I hope you are enjoying your cozy-next time I will put real wine in it instead of Martinelli’s Cider. If Joe doesn’t want to eat Pesto with you-call me and I’ll bring the wine. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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