Nine Eleven

My twelve year old son Mason wrote this poem in honor of the fallen today in his creative writing class.  I had to share it.  I am so proud of this boy and I’m so honored to be able to post his work.


Countless lives lost

Chaos and destruction

Many heroes emerged

Many heroes fell

America stand tall in the face of death

America always fights back

When all is said and done, we have won.


I am so grateful for my family and my country.  I would not change my humble life for anything.  To live in the Land of the Free and be at liberty to live my life according to my wishes, love who I love, believe what I believe, is a blessed life in any light.

Thank God for our Heroes on the ground, in the air, and on the sea who protect us daily and surrender their lives for our freedom and way of life.  God bless you all.

God Bless America!



  1. Mason is multi talented. It looks like he writes as well as draws. Love to see that. This is excellent. Good use of words to create the depth of the feelings.

    • Thanks Rosann, I know Mason will love your comment. I’ll have him share some of his short stories with you too. He’s really quite good.

  2. Just like his mom.

  3. Great poem Mason, you are talented like your mother. :)

    • Isn’t he a good writer, Gin? I will have to have you read the short story he did this week, he is a little author already :)

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