Party In a Box

If you haven’t noticed already, I kind of have a thing for celebrating.  I view it as a staple of a happy life.  I also have a thing for not being able to sleep at night because my mind goes all crazy-like and I can’t shut it off.  Then ideas start happening and some of those ideas I never speak of again, and yet, some turn out to be not so shabby.  My idea for Party in a Box was born out of one of these midnight ruminating sessions.

I thought to myself, “just because you happen to be out of town for your birthday, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a party”!  I was not speaking of myself, but my niece-just wanted to clarify that point.

This is the party on the go idea I mention in my post A Sweet Little Birthday Surprise-so without further ado and rumination from me, here it is:

This box was done for my niece so we could celebrate her birthday on our family vacation at our hotel’s pool.  You could easily turn this into a boyish box or you could even do one for a grown up!

All you have to do is get a large sturdy box.  I used one I salvaged from the office that holds reams of paper.


Once you are done stealing, I mean salvaging, your box,  wrap it in some birthday themed paper and put some of that smushy filler stuff in the bottom.  Be sure to wrap the lid separately as you are going to be filling this box with party goods and you want the recipient to be able to just pull the lid right off.


You are going to fill the box with all or some of the following suggested items.  There are no rules to Party in a Box, so feel free to include and exclude what you want to.  Some things to consider are, where will you be having your party on the go?  What food will be served?  Will you need food service items such as cutlery and plates?  How many guests will there be, etc.?  Here are the items I included:

  • A special party hat, birthday girl sash, and big sunglasses for the birthday girl.
  • Party hats and noise makers for the crowd.
  • Dinner and Dessert Plates
  • Napkins, Cups, and plastic cutlery
  • Cake candles
  • A table cloth
  • A blown up Mylar balloon
  • A Happy Birthday Banner
  • A fold out table centerpiece
  • Some candy for everyone to share


You then pile all of this stuff neatly into the box like so:


You place the lid on and attach a big ‘ol bow and a poem explaining what’s inside.


Now, incase you can’t see that slightly fuzzy writing, here are the words for the poem:

Today is your birthday and you’re not home,

But that doesn’t mean that you’re all alone.

Your family is here and we’re ready to play,

We brought all you need for a super fun day.

So, go through this box and get out all the things,

and we’ll help you set up the party of your dreams!

Purty sweet and purty simple.

When you get to your party destination, have the birthday gal (or guy) open up the box, help them set up the table and the decorations and in the words of Toby Keith, proceed to party!

At our party we had someone go out and get pizza and drinks while we set up.  That way, as soon as we were done setting up, we had food to serve and everyone was happy.  There was no waiting around and there was no wondering where are we going to get cups, plates, napkins, etc?  We had everything we needed.

Most importantly, I think my niece appreciated having a party on the go.  Here she is in her birthday girl ensemble:


Isn’t that just to die for?

By the way, as with all parties, I recommend you start at the dollar store.  You can almost always get what you need there.  The Party in a Box as pictured above was about thirty dollars.  Well worth the price to make someone in your life feel like a million bucks in cheap sunglasses.

Until next time, party on people!









  1. *I must admit that your post is really interesting. I have spent a lot of my spare time reading your content. Thank you a lot!

  2. Shun buggy!
    Reading this blog makes me so proud to call you one of my life long friends. You are still beautiful inside and out. These special memories you create remind me of your mom! I miss you like crazy. Wow look at your boys!

    • Pito, it just made my whole day to hear from you. What a treat on a Saturday morning to wake up and see a life long buddy dropping in to say hello. I’ve missed my beautiful friend. Thank you so much for reading my little blog. I am sure there will be plenty of posts on here about the good ‘ol days so stay tuned. xoxo.

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