Pink Lady Spritzers

My friends have often told me I should quit my day job and become a party planner.  They are real sweet and really can’t be blamed for saying something so insensible.  See, their thoughts on my career change are usually uttered once they’ve become quite obtunded after swigging a couple of my Pink Lady Spritzers on Bunco night.

Nevertheless, I am flattered that they think I have talents beyond my boring day job and that’s the reason I’ll always be there to shake them another cocktail and pour them another round.

I hope you enjoy the spritzers as much as we do.

Shauna’s Pink Lady Spritzers

Prep 10 min Serves 4

2 1/2 Cups Sparkling Pink Lemonade*

1 1/2 Cups Diet Lemon Lime Soda

1 Cup Vodka (plus one shot)

1/4 Cup Triple Sec

5 Fresh Limes

Fresh Mint Sprigs



1.  I start putting this recipe together like any other cocktail, with a quick QA check-you know Quality Control.  This is what that shot is for at the end of that cuppa vodka.  Just grab the nearest shot glass, measuring cup, or the bottle itself, throw your pretty little head back and down the hatch she goes.  There, don’t you feel more at ease and in the mood to mix a cocktail now?  Ok…onto the drink.

2.  Pour the Soda, Vodka, Triple Sec, and lemonade into pitcher and give it a swizzle-in cocktail terms that is a gentle stir :)

3.  Slice four of the limes in half and squeeze their juice directly into the pitcher.

4.  Add in some cubed ice and a large sprig or two of fresh mint.  The mint flavor will infuse into the alcohol.

5.  Cut the fifth lime into four wedges and cut a small slit into the middle of each wedge so it will sit nicely on your glass.  Place a lime wedge on each of four highball** glasses and twist the glass so the lime juice coats the rim.  Fill the glasses with ice and a mint sprig.  When your guests lift their glasses to drink this beautiful pink elixir, their noses will be blissfully filled with the scent of fresh mint.  Heaven!

6.  Pour that gorgeous pink liquid over the ice and serve.


Isn’t that purty?

*I use Great Value sparkling pink lemonade.  It’s in the soda isle.  If you can’t find that, Country Time Pink Lemonade will work fine.  Even though it’s not carbonated, the lemon lime soda is so it still works.

**For those of you new to mixing, a highball glass is just a large tumbler used to serve drinks that are around 8 to 10 ounces.




  1. Dawn Miller says:

    As one of those friends,I have to say these are very good.

    • Thanks Dawn. I am sure glad you like the drink. Which one should we have next time you come over? The possibilities are endless!

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