Posh Mac

I am not sure you can really call this a recipe because it’s just that easy, but I have seen very renowned cooks publish recipes using boxed macaroni and cheese, so I figure if they can do it, so can I.

I’ve explained before how important I think the family meal is.  It might be considered an old fashioned notion, but I think families need to land at the dinner table at the end of most days.  This quick dinner makes that a snap.

Here’s what you will need:


Simply make two boxes of mac and cheese according to the package directions only use a little more milk than suggested because that will get sucked up in the baking process later.

Once you have the mac and cheese made, pour in about a cup of cottage cheese, a cup of sour cream, and 2 cans of ham (or leftover cut up ham if you  have it).

Mix it all together on the stove top.


Place this mixture into a casserole dish sprayed with cooking spray and top it with a few shakes of grated Parmesan, a few chopped green onions, and some salt and pepper.  I list no exact measurements here because there just aren’t any!  Just throw in a little of this and that until it looks good to you!   Bake it at 350 for about 20 minutes until it’s H & B (that’s hot and bubbly).


Dish it up onto a plate and add a few extra green onion slices if you please.


If you haven’t figured it out already, I call this “Posh Mac” because it’s mac, but it’s also a little more upscale, luxurious, lavish, deluxe, and fancy than regular old mac and cheese.


Don’t tell anybody, but I have been known to hide the boxes when I have a little help with dinner from packaged foods.  Just shove them deep down into the bottom of the trash and no one will have to know that you didn’t cook from scratch tonight.

I have a lot of experience with this.  See, when Chad and I were first married, sometimes I’d put out a bowl of Pine Sol so that when he came home it smelled like I’d been cleaning all day.

Works like a charm every time.  Take it from me!



  1. chad havey says:

    One of my favorites, you do spoil us by taking something as simple as Mac and cheese up a notch.

  2. Dawn Miller says:

    This looks so good. I’ll have to try it. My mom pours a little pine sol in the garbage can when she cleans someone’s house. She says they are more satisfied with the job when it smells clean.

  3. I didn’t know Mac and Cheese could be so fancy. Trust your creative mind to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. I will have to save this one for a decadent but don’t feel like cooking night. :)

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