Pre-Teen Party

This summer my son Mason turned eleven.  Since he was a year old, I have been throwing birthday bashes for him that were a lot of work, a little too much money, and a bit over the top.

Like most people, I’ve had to cut back these days, but I am still a believer when it comes to making loved ones feel like royalty on their birthday.  They only come once a year after all.  You really only have 18 chances to plant those memories of wonderful birthdays in their hearts.

So, this year, finding myself strapped for time and cash, I had to be creative.  I think the party turned out perfectly and so did Mason and his friends.

For the Venue:  My sister suggested I take Mason and his guests to the pool in my parent’s HOA-it’s free and who doesn’t like a pool party?  If you don’t have a pool and can’t borrow one, try your local rec center.  A few bucks should get you use of the pool for a handful of kids.

For the food:  We just picked up pizza and then I packed a small cooler with soda.  The kids played in the pool until dark, snacked on pizza and breadsticks and slurped every can of soda I brought.  It made for a very happy bunch at sundown.


Dessert:  We went back to the house and had a sundae bar.  I just got waffle cone bowls, Little Debbie brownies, a gallon of ice cream, and toppings.  They all made their own and had a blast.  Just be ready to sweep your kitchen floor about 16 times after the sundae bar is done.

Sleepover:  After the kids made their sundaes and settled into the family room for a movie, I ran to Winco and picked up two dozen donuts.  I used some of the leftover sprinkles from the sundae bar, some writing icing that I already had, and some candles, and I created their breakfast:


I served up this donut cake with some solo cups full of OJ or chocolate milk and sent the boys home to their parents on a sugar high.  I think I spent a total of $17 on this cake.

This was probably the easiest and least expensive party I’ve thrown for Mason, but he was happy and that made my day.



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