Sweet Little Birthday Surprise

My  beautiful niece McKayla turned ten years old on the second day of our family trip to Disneyland last month.  We spent the first day of the trip driving to Las Vegas and we stayed the night there.  The next day, we were headed for California.

I knew she’d have to spend most of her birthday riding in the car, so I wanted to do something to let her know we were starting her birthday celebration in full force, that morning.  There is just nothing I hate worse in life than waiting for a celebration to begin.  I figure if you’re going to celebrate that day, it should go from sun up to sun down!

We were planning on leaving at about ten o’clock the next morning, so I figured a breakfast surprise that could be enjoyed quickly was in order.  Here’s what I did:

I started out by making a custom cake stand.  To make this you will need:

A dollar store candle holder

A pretty saucer

epoxy glue

A piece of coarse sandpaper


You simply sand the bottom surface of the plate where it will be attached to your candle holder to rough it up.  Do the same to the top of the candle holder.   Affix the plate to the holder with epoxy glue.  I actually did this without gluing my fingers to the plate or the table which is an utter miracle.


If you would like, finish it off with a little piece of coordinating ribbon:


This adorable little stand cost about $5 to make and served as the platform for McKayla’s sweet birthday surprise.  Afterward, she can set it on her dresser to hold her rings and bracelets.

Before we left on our trip I packed up the following:

2 boxes of medium sized donuts

Several packages of mini donuts

A package of candy cake flowers

Some candles

Some writing frosting

The morning of her trip I took about 15 minutes to put this together:


It’s a breakfast cake!  It really turned out cute if I do say so myself.

There is really not a lot to this-you simply stack the donuts going around the perimeter of the plate and then fill in the middle with mini donuts as you go so your layers of donuts stay flat.  You then finish the top with more mini donuts.  I just simply set the flowers into the nooks and crannies.  If I was going further than the next room, I could have glued them down with the writing icing.  I used a yellow tube of writing icing to create the dots here and there for some added decoration and then inserted some candles.  I basically used what I had left over in my pantry from another cake I did and brought it with me in a zip lock bag.


I had everyone in our family meet outside McKayla’s hotel room door at about two minutes to the hour.  We quietly waited for all 16 of us to get there and then my husband firmly knocked on the door and said in a very professional voice “Delivery for McKayla”.

When she opened the door, we all sang happy birthday to her.


I think she really liked it.

There is really no greater joy for me than making others in my life feel special and important.  It really is my true passion in life.  Sometimes all it takes is 15 minutes of your time and a few donuts, other times it takes more effort, but it all matters and you should never talk yourself into thinking it doesn’t.  I’ve learned to take a few extra minutes of my time and do the things that really matter to people and I’m thankful that I’ve learned to do that.  It forges the closeness with family that everyone needs.

Because the cake was nice and small we were able to eat it up in a matter of seconds so we could get out on the road.  I had brought enough individual packages of mini donuts to hand out one to everyone to take on the road with them.

I’ll share my idea for an on the go birthday party in an upcoming post.   You can also see a boyish version of the donut cake in my archived post Pre-teen Party.

Until then, enjoy a sweet surprise or two with your loved ones.







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  2. Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  3. You are such a sweetheart! Very cute idea and easy to make on the go.

    • Thank you Ginny, you are so wonderful to give me such great feedback on my posts. So glad to have you as a reader, but most of all a cherished friend! Thanks for being you!

  4. It really was a nice and special thing for McKayla! She really liked it and I know it made her feel special. Her mom really appreciated it too.

  5. mason havey says:

    Good job on the blog mom I knew you could do it

  6. What a sweet and generous effort for being so far from home.

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