That’s a Wrap!

Every year since Mason was born, we’ve had our family photos done at Christmas time for Christmas cards.  I tell you, those photography places know what they are doing.  They take a bundle of adorable photos in all sorts of poses and make you think you can’t live without buying at least a sheet of every single one.

I always feel like I’d be a horrible mother if I turned my nose up at any one of my child’s photos, even if I just bought a hundred other ones-and those photographers know this!  They also offer those packages that basically cost and arm and and leg, but equal the price of three of their photo sheets Al a Carte, so that’s just another way they display their expertise at taking their share of your Christmas cash.  Every year I go in saying I am just going to get my cards and a photo for the wall, and for eleven years now, I have come out with the ultra huge package.

So this year, I got creative and decided to use some of those photos as tags for my Christmas gifts.  I simply bought a large roll of shipping paper at Target, some dollar store ribbon, and used scotch tape to fasten my kids’ pictures to the packages.


You don’t even need to write who the gift is from because it will be obvious!


I also found some shipping paper with little white polka dots on it in the dollar isle at Target.  I am a sucker for anything polka dot!


You could also use a simple black sharpie to designate who the gift is to.


I have about a hundred pins on my Pinterest boards for cute ways to wrap gifts for the holidays, but I often run out of time just buying the gifts and have to throw some wrapping on them minutes before they are given.  This is another reason this simple idea suited me well.

Since I am talking about family photos, I thought I’d place a few here.


These people have always been, and always will be my greatest accomplishment in life.

m and l

Whenever I feel that I haven’t done enough in this world, I look at their faces.  Each time I think I’m lost, I find myself in their smiles.

pic for blog

I truly have it all this Christmas and that’s a wrap!



  1. I love this idea, brilliant as always!

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